We recently had a death in our family. Verla’s nephew Andrew Scott was killed in accident at his work. He was 22 years old. It has been hard on the family. Yesterday I heard a song from Audio Adrenaline called Goodbye. It really hit home. I couldn’t find an mp3 or video on it yet, but here are the lyrics.

Audio Adrenaline – Goodbye
From the album Adios

You’ll be fine tomorrow
The sun will rise again
It’s never easy to say goodbye
You know I’ll always love you
You know I always will

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
My old friend (my old friend)
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
We’ve reached the end (we’ve reached the end)

I don’t cry with sorrow, I cry with joy
The memories we made can’t be destroyed
You know I won’t forget you
You know I never could
And when I said I loved you
You know I meant for good


You know I’ll always love you

It’s just a reminder that we will have a time of rejoycing in heaven with our loved ones.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of everlasting life.



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