What are you willing to trade?

Wow I can’t believe it a blogger through multiple trades, traded a red paper clip

for a house. Yes I said a house. Here is a picture of the red paper clip and a picture of the house he received.

It took a year for blogger Kyle MacDonald to achieve his goal. But he did it. He was very persistent in his pursuit. In his list of trades was a fish- shaped pen, camping stove, generator, beer keg, snowmobile, truck, recording contract and a years free rent in Phoenix. It’s amazing to me how if your persistent you can achieve great things.
All this made me think about what I have to trade. I thought about my old beat up truck. If you can get a house for a paperclip who knows what I would get for that thing. I could trade a book, or CD. Maybe my dog. Nope can’t do that. What about trading something that is priceless, everlasting life. If I was as motivated as Kyle was what would be the result in a year? Can you imagine. Do you think we could do this? Let’s give it a try. Even if we save one life it’s worth much more than a house.


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