Hard Rock Cafe Watermelon BBQ

A few years ago I went to Hard Rock
in Vegas. It was so cool to see all the memorabilia hanging on
the walls. But by far my favorite memory is of the “Watermelon BBQ
Ribs”. The where soooo good. My mouth starts to water just thinking
about it. They where so sweet and spicy at the same time.

For a long time I have looked for this
recipe. I finally found it this week on-line. I was so excited I went
that night and bought ribs and a watermelon. I then started telling
my friends about how awesome this sauce is. I was so pumped. I was
really busy the next day so I didn’t get a chance to make them for
dinner. But at about 10:00 at night I started making the “secret
sauce”. I know some of you are saying your crazy. You should have
been going to bed not making BBQ sauce. Well all I have to say is
that obviously you haven’t had the watermelon BBQ ribs from Hard

I cut up the watermelon into small
pieces. I chopped up in a blender, then strained the juices out. Then
I added the remaining ingredients. I was finally ready to cook it. It
took a little over an hour to make this oh so wonderful sauce. With
much excitement I opened the pan and breathed in a huge whiff of the
sauce. I couldn’t believe the smell it was so awful. It smelled like
dirty socks. Not just normal dirty socks, but the kind you have worn
hiking for three days, kind of socks. It was horrible. But I thought
well maybe it just smells bad. It can’t taste as bad as it smells. I
took a big spoonful of sauce and as my face puckered like I was
eating poop I spit it into the sink. I couldn’t believe it. I
followed the instructions to the letter. This was supposed to be the
recipe from Hard Rock. What went wrong?

As I read over the recipe one more
time, I figured out that you just can’t beat the original. No matter
how you try it seems like the original is always the best.

That made me think about my
relationship with God. How many times have I listened to a sermon and
believed it was “the truth”.? How many times have I listened to a
teacher tell me “the truth”? How many devotion books have I read
that proclaimed it was “the truth”? We tend to trust those who
are teaching God’s word. We buy their books listen to their Cd’s. But
if we are not spending time in God’s word and in prayer we are not
getting the original “secret sauce”. We are getting other humans
interpretation. So if you want the “secret sauce” in your life
and not an imitation that smells like dirty socks get into God’s word
and check it against what you are being taught. Some preach legalism
God teaches grace by love.


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