The man who hung by a rope, Zeppelin

The man who hung by a rope

Commentary: God in Real Time

By Rev. Linda Leon

ALVIN, August 8 (UPI) — Three people faced the exact same
circumstance on an ordinary day. They were doing their routine check on
a zeppelin, when the ropes broke. In an attempt to retrieve the
zeppelin the three men quickly tried to tie it back down. But the wind
was high and fierce that day and caused the zeppelin to rise and
unfortunately swept the three men away with it.
The three men went spiraling upward literally holding on to string.
They rose higher and higher in the altitudes. The wild wind swept over
them. Their bodies began to feel the cold chill of frost bite. Their
minds began to slip in and out of consciousness as they held on to the
ropes for dear life. The zeppelin was out of control and they were no
where near an end to this nightmare.

After a few hours and several futile attempts to ground the
zeppelin, the first casualty of the day came when one man plummeted to
his death. He just could not hang on any longer. More hours passed and
more attempts were made to ground the zeppelin. Then the other casualty
came and another man plummeted to his death. He could not hang on any
longer either.
I wish this story were not true, but it was a true story. The
events actually did happen. Life can turn some very twisted blows.
Nobody would have thought this could happen on an ordinary day. The
zeppelin continued to rage out of control, but now the attempts to land
it were getting slightly better. But there was one problem, there was
still one man dangling on to it. If they destroyed the air borne
monster what would happen to the man.
He was grappling to hold on to life. His arms were weary from
holding on, and his fingers could hear death saying just let go, you
know you can’t hang on forever. Nobody can help you now, just let go.
But he wanted to live so bad that he mustered one last thought.
He hoisted his weak body up the rope and then very carefully found
a way to wrap the lower part of the rope around his waist and tie a big
knot. When the rope was completely secured, he allowed his body to hang
there. A few hours later a few brave persons miraculously boarded the
zeppelin and brought it back to the ground. Everyone was amazed that
the man was still alive.
When asked how he hanged on, he said, “When I could not longer hold
on to the rope, I let the rope hold on to me.” That is how he survived
when the others did not. That story amazed me because his concept was
so divinely spiritual. In the spirit I heard this, “When I could no
longer hold on to God, I let God hold on to me.”

I came across this on UPI .


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