Passion or Diversion

There once was a man who had such a passion for what he did, it consumed him. He gave all that he had for the cause. His ever waking moments where possessed in making the cause better.
He gave till it crushed the life out of him. He almost lost his family. Lost all his true friends. Lost his job that provided for their needs. His health was deteriorating.
But why did he continue on? Because the cause was a great one. He knew it was from above.
Or was it a diversion, a trap, from below to keep him from the his real quest. To reach the ones who are close at hand. To save the family crest.


One thought on “Passion or Diversion

  1. Great post, Jeff! A fine line sometimes separates our passion from diversion. Well put. I have been caught off balance by a diversion or two that I thought was a passion.

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