Seth headed out on tour

seth 2Wow I can’t believe it is already time for Seth to leave home and head out on tour with Christ in Youth (CIY). He will be helping to put on the Junior High Believe conferences.His cousin Johnny Scott is over the middle school conferences. He has seen Seth’s talent and passion for large scale productions and wanted him to be an intern with CIY. From what I understand the interns are usually of college age. So this is an incredible opportunity for Seth.

I take him to Joplin, MO on the 17th and they load up the semi and leave the 18th for practice week. Then they hit the road and go to Nashville, Dallas, Portland, Pomona CA, Tulsa, Cincinnati, St Louis, Kissimmee Fl, Anderson IN, and Atlanta. He comes home around November 15th for the holidays and then leaves January 10th to finish the tour. He is going to have a blast.

It’s going to be hard not having him around. We will really miss him.

Seth I am so proud of you. This is going to be an awesome adventure for you. May God bless you on your journey.



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