Deal or No Deal

I am sitting with my wife and daughter watching”Deal or No Deal“. It is amazing how people get into this game. They yell “DEAL” or “NO DEAL” at the television. Like they actually can be heard. It’s hilarious. I guess we all want to see someone make it big. Our God given nature is to want the best for others. Even if it’s a game-show.

God wants the best for us also. We wants us to be filthy rich, have a huge home, and drive a Hummer. I bet that got your attention. No I am not talking about materialistic things. I am talking about things of the heart. He wants to see us reach our full potential in loving him and loving others. If we could just get over our inhibitions and learn to let go of the things from our past that influences our understanding of love. We can then really learn to fall into an intimate relationship with the creator. When we have that relationship with God, we can’t help but love others as well.

We all have a deep down longing to get closer to God. We just need to come to the conclusion that we are going to DEAL with it.

So the question is:

9 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal

  1. Interesting post! I can totally relate to yelling for the tv. I used to be a major cricket and football fan, and I would often stay up till 4 am to watch the end of a football match in another country, and when my team won I would wake up everybody in the house (especially if they didn’t care.. lol). I have to be more careful while yelling praise for Jesus though, I don’t want to put people off because I actually do care whether they are drawn to him or not. I miss yelling. I use my blog to yell now. lol

    Ah I guess that’s a bit of a ramble. Next time I’ll ramble on my own blog sorry *grin* lol


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  3. JESUS! J E S U S! J E S U S!


    thanks for this, Jeff, yelling for Jesus in front of my computer beats yelling for tv football HOLLOW! lol 😀



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