Used Car Faith

signI have been looking to buy a used car the last week and it sure has been interesting. The line people tell you like “the interior needs a little TLC”. When I go to look at it the entire dash is broken and needs to be replaced. The seats have no fabric on them and the door panels are missing. I could hardly believe my eyes the car was only a 97. Or how about “it can use a tune up”. You get there and a rod is knocking so loud you can’t hear what the people are saying to you. Some other good lines have been, “I have never wrecked it. But my wife did twice.”. Or how about “We really hate to get rid of it, it’s like part of the family.” The funny thing is some of these people had the famous christian fish on them. It didn’t seem to mater when it cam to making a buck.
But then I came across someone who was completely honest. They told me all the good and the bad with the car. I don’t really like the car. But I am considering buying it just because of her honesty.

I pray that my faith is the same no matter what. Money or no money. Job or no job. You see people can take your money, take your job, even your family. But they never can take away your Jesus.


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