I don’t need a stinking map!

There once was two guys who left a trailhead in New Zeland. Sam was a seasoned hiker. He had hiked over 1000 nights in his lifetime. The other Nick was a newbe. He had all the equipment but no experience at hiking. He had his map and compus out and orientated it at the trailhead. Sam on the other hand just headed down the trail. In fact Sam didn’t even bring a map or compass. He knew that his life experiences would get him to where he was going and back again.

hiker wetAlong the trail Sam kept up a fast pace and when there was a “Y” in the trail he made an educated guess as where to go. Nick kept taking his bearings in the trail and knew exactly which fork to take each time. The weather was perfect the first day and night. They both slept under the stars in different locations about 3 miles apart. The second day a bad storm settled in. The clouds where so thick you could hardly make out any landmarks. Sam kept a hiking along at a fast pace. Nick on the otherhand went a little slower. It took him more time to get his bearings but he still knew exactly where he was. The storm lasted for 3 days.

On the last day of the storm Nick made it to his destination of Milford Sound. He set up his tent on the edge of the lake and waited until morning. When he awoke this was what he saw:


Sam on the other hand never made it. He was lost. After days of searching he was never found.

Both hikers left with the same destination but only one made it. The one with the map and the compass. No matter how seasoned you are in life there is no substitute for having the map and compass to get you through. With out it, all are lost.

Pro 3:6 Listen for GOD’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. (MSG)





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