I am not good enough

This last week I was taking a group of four students to youthgroup at our church. While we were driving we went by a wreck. One of the students said, “Wouldn’t be cool if we got in an iccident and all died and went to heaven?” I told them it would be cool to be in heaven. We started to talk about how neat heaven would be. Then one of the girls said in a quiet voice, “I am not ready yet. I don’t have a good relationship with God.” I asked her if she had given her life to Christ yet. After stubling on her words a bit she said she had when she was little. But that she was not close to God at all now. I told her about grace and that none of us are ever happy with where our relationship with God is. After a while the other kids started talking about something else and I asked her if she wanted to talk some more next week? She said she will be there next week.

Isn’t it sad how she goes to church, lives in a christian family and still doesn’t know for sure where she is going? I pray that if you are like this girl and don’t know you will ask someone to help you. If you do know, share with your friends and loved ones the message of Christ’s love for us.


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