Broken Hearts

broken2heart.jpgIs the church fixing broken hearts or are we hiding behind fake hearts of stone? Are we really expecting our stone heart shaped hearts to really reach our world of lost and hurting people? Can a heart like that reach a truly broken heart? Can we even heal the broken hearts of the church family? Not if we expect perfectionism in the church. Perfectionism = legalism. Legalism = failure. Failure = a stone shaped heart that can’t relate to a soft, broken heart.


A broken heart longing for more. More than what rules can fill. More than a relationship with a person can fill. More than a church service can fill. More than anything but the grace of God can fill. Grace = love. Love = stone heart crushing power from heaven above.

So why do we do what we do? For others? For myself (ego, pride)? Not wanting to disappoint others? Or is it from the overflow of a soft and broken heart being held together by God’s hands of grace?


7 thoughts on “Broken Hearts

  1. I think we too often forget that we are broken-hearted, and just plain broken, too. Somehow being a church-goer makes us above the broken-hearted masses out there. Jesus didn’t reach the hurting by acting better than they were, by spitting rules at them. Nor did he reach them by staying home with his small group. He reached the hurting by going to where they were, by giving them a simple message of love and grace, by understanding. It’s a good lesson, a good reminder. Thanks for keeping it fresh in my mind.

  2. I’ve got a broken heart…three years, I let the secret stay in…

    Now look at me…

    My Advice: Take the chance. Before its too late }’=

  3. Nothing will heal a broken heart like God, because God is all about love and He does not want us to hurt. I would know He made my heartache go away…I am truelly blessed!

  4. i have this heartbroken 3years, day after day grows but it stays inside me but i cant let it go… hard to forget someone u really loved from ur heart and their promises u cant let them go… after all love is a lovely pain that we want

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