How rich are you?

I have never felt rich. I seem to struggle to make it through to my next paycheck. At times I have even said that I am poor. But after being told about this website , I think a lot different. In fact here is my statistics:

Your Rich List Position: 57,864,434 Richest person in the world.

You’re in the top .96% richest people in the world.

Wow that hit me hard. Here I gripe about not having enough money and I am in the worlds top 1% richest people. Boy have we gotten things screwed up. It is challenging me to start giving where I can. We have so much. Just think about all the extra clothes we have in our closet that we never wear. Or all the stuff we have stored away that we never use. Or all the money we spend on Starbucks. Or all the time we spend in front of the TV. If we all just gave a little wouldn’t make a huge difference.

I listened to a sermon about it here it is titled My heartbeat.
Here are some links to places I am passionate about:

SOZO International – Aschiana School for Street Children in Kabul Afghanistan.

Akha Children’s Home – A ministry to help kids in Tia Land.

Dry Bones Denver – A ministry to help street kids in Downtown Denver.


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