The not so merry Christmas

Patched broken HeartI have a lot of readers that find my blog by searching the words “Broken Hearted”. I have posted some articles about that in the past. It has just amazed me at how many people are hurting. Especially around the holidays. Whether it was being hurt from family or others, they are hurting. It has really made me aware of why it’s not a “Merry Christmas” for a lot of people. I have struggled for years with the holidays because of my past. All the things that where taken away from me as a kid. As a kid I tried to act like it didn’t bother me. But it sure did.Patched broken heart

Probably of all things I lost it was the relationships with family that hurt the most. It has been 32 years and it stills hurts. Have I forgiven? Yes, but there is still a hole in my heart. It will probably always be there.

Now before all of my Christian readers get on me about God filling up that hole. STOP! Christ is in my heart. He has put light into the darkest places of my heart. But that doesn’t mean the scar isn’t still there. So get off! lol.

The one great thing of this time of year is hearing about God’s amazing grace. His never ending love for you. His compassion for a screwed up world. Hearing these things give a lot of hope to many people. A great place to hear these things is at a church. We went and visited a church this weekend that we used to attend. I was looking forward to all the feel good stuff and heard none of it. I got beat up. It was all about what we could do to be a better Christian. How we should be. How we should act. Not about how God came to us in all our faults and screw ups. It was basically how once again you miss the mark. You don’t measure up. This time of year people need hope not condemnation. We all know where we need to open our hearts up to let God in. But when you are broken you only open up to those that show they care. Those that comfort you.

Thankfully we have a God that cares. One that wants to comfort you. One that loves you no matter what you have done or have had done to you. He is waiting with arms open wide to hold you and cry with you. To listen to you until you are speechless. To give you hope and a reason to go on. No questions about you past asked. Just pure love given.

That’s the God of the Broken Hearted. The Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Baby Jesus

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