Shelter In The Storm

Mountain Summer Storm

Psalm 55:4-8 My insides are turned inside out; specters of death have me down. I shake with fear, I shudder from head to foot. ”Who will give me wings,”  I ask—”wings like a dove?” Get me out of here on dove wings; I want some peace and quiet. I want a walk in the country, I want a cabin in the woods. I’m desperate for a change from rage and stormy weather. (MSG)

David wanted to escape from his problems. He wanted peace in his life. How many times have I wanted to escape? How many times have I tried to run from my problems?

Can you imagine that your hiking a long trail in the mountains. The scenery is beautiful except for the clouds forming over the ridge. You are 12 miles from your car and you know the storm is moving in faster than you can walk. Your in a boulder field with no place to seek shelter. In a time like this I would be saying the same prayer that David did. “Lord get me out of here.”

Psalm 55:22 Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders—he’ll carry your load, he’ll help you out. He’ll never let good people topple into ruin. (MSG)

All we need to do is give it to God and He will make sure we don’t fall. He will make sure you make it to shelter when the time is perfect. We might disagree on the timing part, but He knows what is best.

Lord help me to try and not take short cuts. Help me to trust in you when I am going through the storms of life.


Shelter in Boulder field


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