One Week till moving day

Wow it is hard to believe it is already just a week away. We will be loading up all our stuff and head across country to the land of potatoes. IT has been so crazy trying to get everything done in time. But I think we are setting good.

Verla has taken a job at a new preschool in the area. She is really excited about that. We have found a house that will be perfect for us. It even has a community pool. Yeah!!! I have applied with DirecTV to be an installer. I will have an interview with them the Monday after we get there. I think I would really like it and the money would meet our needs. Things have just been falling into place through out this whole thing. It has been so cool to be a part of God’s plan.

If you want to get together before we leave, you need to hurry and set up a time, our calender is filling up fast. We would love to see you though so make sure to call.

I have been spending more time on facebook than here so come by and say hi.



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