“Living Life In The Zone” Book Review

Living Life In The Zone by Kyle Rote Jr and Dr. Joe Pettigrew is a 40 day spiritual game plan for men. It is basically a 40 day devotional. It is centered around sports and covers just about all topics in a mans life. The devotions are based off of stories from different athletes. The stories give you some incite into the wide world of sports.

Each devotion took me only ten to fifteen minutes to do. IT is broken down into the following segments:

Thought of the day- A short idea to ponder

The Coaches Corner – Discovering the relevance of God’s word in your life

The Game Plan – What the Word of God has to say about today’s topic

Playmakers – Real life examples of real men in the real world

Time Out – Questions for personal reflection

Today’s Assignment – Action items for today

Home Field Advantage – Praises and concerns you want to bring before God

It’s not really my type of devotion book. I like to study a chunk of scripture and then break it down. But I could see how those who are really sports driven would love it.


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