Demolition Derby

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Seth took me to the demolition derby at the Adams County Fair. It was awesome. We saw five demolitions in one night. How sweet it was. We had a bit of rain but it was worth it. In one race we saw a car get flipped on it’s side. They stopped the race and I figured they would just make sure the racer was all right and get him out. But no, two guys ran out on the track and flipped him back over and restarted the race. He took off and lasted about another five minutes until he got creamed.

In the championship race of the night they had seventeen cars on the track. It was so sweet to see so many cars out at once. It was a really competitive match. Everyone was just giving it their all. It finally got down to the last two cars on the track and they where stuck together. So stuck that the officials decided to bring out a front end loader to unhook them. They pulled away and the very first time they hit each other they where stuck again. It was kind of funny. They brought out the front end loader again and unhooked them. They chased each other around hit each other again and where stuck. Out came the front end loader again. This happened a total of four times. The last time the official said that was the last time, and it was. It took about 40 minutes for these two guys to give us a winner. Neither one wanted a tie or to be second they wanted to be the winner. It’s amazing what we a spectators will endure to see a winner. Everyone wants to be a winner.