Boy catches a scuba diver while fishing!

Scuba Diver Hooked by fishing boy AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A Dutch scuba diver became the surprise catch of the day for a 13-year-old boy fishing in the Netherlands when his hook got caught in the man’s lip.

“I heard a sound on my head and immediately I felt a jerk on my lip,” Wim van Huffelen, who had been swimming in the North Sea, was quoted as saying by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The daily ran a picture of the diver with the hook embedded in his lower lip.

The diver had been swimming close to the shore near the southern Dutch town of Zierikzee. A doctor managed to free him from the hook.

Article from yahoo news. Picture from

I have never caught anything that big. How about you?


Another Funny Fishing Video

Who says fishing can’t be dangerous?

11 Mile Reservoir fishing trip


My good friend Jimmy and I took off work Wed. and Thur. to go fishing. We went to Eleven Mile Reservoir. With in the first couple of hours we caught 3 Northern Pike. Jimmy caught two and I caught one. It was my first Northern. Wow do they hit hard when they are feeding.

After fishing for a couple of hours we checked into our cabin. It was a nice little place that over looks Lake George. We then headed up to Spinney Reservoir to fish for a little while. We no sooner got the boat on the lake and a storm started to head in. So we loaded up the boat and just as we started to drive away it poured. It was perfect timing. So we headed back to the cabin to figure out dinner. Our original plan was to cook steaks out over the grill. But with no shelter and it raining hard, we gave up that idea. So we decided to get a bite to eat at a local restaurant. We headed back to the cabin and filleted the fish. Cleaned up our mess and settled in for the night.

Our plan was to go fly fishing on the Platte in the morning. But we received a bad report on the river. So we fixed breakfast and headed out to Antario Reservoir. Well it’s still closed until next spring. So we decided to head up by Fairplay to fish the streams up there. Well that didn’t work out either so we kept driving. We ended up at Dillon Reservoir. We launched the boat and then we realized that we had lost a life jacket. We might have still went but a ranger was in a boat about 100 yards away from us. So we loaded up again and decided to just head home.

With all the changes to our plans and not a lot of things working in our favor, you would think we had a miserable time. But it was just the oppisite. We had a great relaxing time. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you are doing that makes things special, it’s the company you keep.

Thanks Jimmy for the great time.