I Am A Follower book review

I Am A Follower

The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus

By Leonard Sweet

For as long as I can remember in church leadership we have learned as much as we could about being a GREAT leader. Mr. Sweets book takes us down the road that in many cases it is a waste of time. If we would spend as much time following and serving as leading we would be doing what we are called to do. At first I was a little bent about the concept but the more I thought about it the more I realize that part of myself being a leader is that I don’t like being a follower. Ouch! Then I think about what Jesus calls us to do: FOLLOW HIM.

I am not a huge fan of Leonard Sweet’s writing style but this is worth the read.

I would recommend this book to anyone in leadership. It will challenge your thinking and that is always a great thing.

I was given this book to do an honest book review by the publisher. No compensation was given.



Verla and I were out shopping when we heard a little girl in her most serious voice tell her brother, “I imagined it, so it really did happen.” We both laughed and went on with our day. Then I began to think about what the little girl said and was shocked at this young girl’s wisdom.

As leaders we have to be people with big imaginations. If we can’t imagine how something can look, taste and feel, how can we sell others on our vision? If we can’t create a realistic story to share with others it has no chance of happening.

When we imagine it, we need to believe that it will happen. Belief in our dream and belief in our self is crucial  Don’t sell yourself short. If you can dream it, you can do it.  When we have that mindset the details start to fall in place.

So you have your dream, you believe it can happen, now you need to pursue it. Actively go after it. Don’t wait until the conditions are perfect. That will never happen. Run after your dream! That’s the only way you will achieve it. You are either running towards it or away from it. Which way are you running?

So my challenge is IMAGINE, BELIEVE and PURSUE your dreams.

Thank you little girl for waking up this sleeping giant. I will imagine and it will happen.