Can A Broken Heart Be Healed?

I was looking at some stats from my blog and noticed that in the last 10 days I have received 582 hits for searches for “broken hearted”. I was blown away by how many people searched for this.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

If he is so close why does He seem so far away? I have asked myself that many times. The only answer I can come up with is; it’s not God that has went away it is me. When we get hurt we tend to pull away. We pull away from family, friends, and God. Why we do this I don’t know for sure. Maybe we are afraid they might hurt us also. Or afraid about what others might think of us. We think they won’t understand. (Which makes no sense because we all have been hurt.) Some people admit it, others lie about it. But we have all been hurt. It’s easier to sulk in our sadness then to involve others. It’s a spiral downward that is hard to climb out of. The more we pull away, the more we think we deserve the heart ache. Then we pull away even more and eventually become very depressed. It’s sad, we do the opposite of what would actually help us.

We need to draw close to God and our friends and family. I know it’s hard. But we need help to come up out of that hole. We need a light in the darkness. For me it seems harder to draw close to God than to other people. It’s kind of stupid because God can heal me, man can only comfort. The way I found to draw close to Him is through reading God’s word (the Bible), and praying verses that men something to me like: “I pray that God who gives hope, will bless you with happiness and peace because of your faith, and may the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with hope.” Romans 15:13 (CEV). I would pray: I pray to the God who gives me hope. Bless me with your happiness and peace in faith. Fill me with the power of your Holy Spirit. Fill me with hope.

Asking and giving forgiveness is another huge step. On our own we can’t forgive others. But with God’s help and the encouragement of our friends we can do it. It is such a huge release to say the words out loud: I forgive you, or please forgive me. There have been times when I couldn’t say the words to the person so I wrote them a letter and dropped it in the mailbox. It doesn’t even have to have an address on it. Something about putting it in the box gives you some closure.

It is a slow process but with God and others around you, you can make it. Don’t give up. Don’t shut others out. Don’t shut God out. Let the healing begin.


67 thoughts on “Can A Broken Heart Be Healed?

  1. this is a cool topic to talk about. I myself have a broken heart, sadly. I preyed to God, hoping that the only person in this world that would heal it, would come back to me. I had a dream that he answered that prayer. I know in real life, he wont. I know he wont.
    A personal saying of myn is, “a broken heart will never heal. It must be cured”


  3. he tpoic goes with how one feels at that exact time in which he is looking for an answer. I too have a broken heart and though I know the wife I love so much will never again come to my still waiting and loved arms I can’t let go of the feelings I still hold for her.

    Sadly I know I should let go, but the heart is a strong force and should be caressed with tenderness for in an instant it can kill you.

    In my current state my mind can really only say one thing “love is an illusion cuased by lack of alchohol” Of course thats is the stage of a man whom lost his wife due to misunderstandings..

    Should anyone read this and care to chat with shattered hopes and dreams as I’m just looking for someone really to talk to that has no real contributes to my missfortune, just all around general conversation, hi how’s the weather type stuff, give me a shout… msn is who knows maybe correspondance with the unknown heals the heart, or at the very least helps the healing process.

  4. long story, but my gf went to new york, came back 2 sweden.. and like less than 4 days later she’s with another dude.. u know.. we’ve been together for 3 years, and like in a splitsecond, the love of my life was gone..

  5. I gave up on love when i lost my ex bf. he died in my arms, his last words to me were “I love u, i will see u again soon.”
    so i gave up on love in hope that would never happen again.

  6. yes I think that broken hart can heal because if you haven`t found the prince on the white horse in the first round then you can try another`s. You just have to be patient and optimistic.

  7. I do know that the heart can be broken, and for some reason, some times it never heals. My heart has been broken alot of times, but it has not yet healed. Should we really relly on the people to help us?? Or should we help our self? Ask that and you may know how some people that have been heart broken several times feel about life. Do you think life its really worth it fo whom they have prised their lifes to the ones they once love and still do….

  8. my bf just recently broke up with me.. well last sunday… not yesterday but the other sunday before that one.. well he basically gave me no excuse or anything… and it sucks.. b/c the ones he did was a bunch of BS…. he took my heart and he just broke it… with no warning or anything…. he left friday and said baby i’ll be back… and we talked on the phone saturday night for like 5 hours and in the last 30 minutes of that … he was like i’m breaking up with you…. talk about heart breaking… my heart does out to that lady that her bf died in her arms… that’s got to be rough… is my email.. if anyone would like to talk….

  9. I wish it was as easy as cake but sorri to say you just you always feel the pain of a broken heart even after you founsd a new one.. the loss is still there

  10. my heart is broken but i dont think a heart could ever heal cuz when itz abt 2 it just getz crushed again. the 1 man i love told me he didnt love me…..i never i got over it n i dont think a heart can heal its just 2 painful….but wit gods help it MIGHT b possible……idk cuz my hasnt been healed yet….but the best of luck 2 those who havent found love or already found it

  11. I really liked this post. It said a lot of things that float through my mind on some days… it’s all here. And we really shouldn’t hole ourselves up… don’t be afraid to raise a hand and reach out for help. Sometimes we can’t see clearly through our sorrow and grief; can’t see how a human touch can set us free.

  12. i’m so broken,so broken…and i pray everyday so that God can help me,to heal me back and to get me back the love of my life….
    I love her so much that,I even cry and cry GOD some time fool us around,Y make me love her when she cant be mine…Y it hurt so much….So so much…

  13. honestly, most of the people in here, have either had some bad experience at some point in their lives, or are at one right now. love is a thing that most people think of as impossible to understand. that is true, but remember this. you may love that person with all your heart. but are you willing to let that person go, if your not their true love, and they have found that one person? are you willing to sacrifice your love so that they may have a chance at their own? if you truly are willing to do this than you are in “love”, otherwise….. your a selfish evrcrtthandrum an shouldnt be allowed to love again for relying on false lies in the matter of love. i have gone through a bad relationship, the only one i have evr regreted giving up. i lost her, an am willing to lose her to give her a chance at true love. this is one meaning of love, even though i care for her with all my might. she does not care for me anymore, so it is better this way. im a 16 year old male, yet…. my life has but begun.

  14. I dont yet know how it feels to have a broken heart…but i might know soon… The thing is: my bf has been really irritated lately, just complains about everything i do… and now he’s started to talk to his ex girlfriend… We’ve been together for 2 years in february…and I dont know what i would do without him…it feels like im loosing him, and I dont know what I can do to stop it…I Love Him so much =(

  15. if you’r partner have been a jack ass to you then you deserve much better… of course it’s hard to belive that you’r love of you’r life broke up. but somewhere on this planet you’r tru love is. you just have jo find him or her.

  16. honestly, if you don’t find someone very special to take away the pain the old one did, its not going to heal right. You’re not going to be yourself and trusting anyone will be on the bottom of the list of “To Do’s” Its hard at times, I know but life will go on if you let it. you gotta have faith in yourself if anything.

  17. ask me about the broken heart i have ben through this a lot of time i really fell sad and i want to cry but it is just time and it will pase and it does pase but after it this happens again i really dont know what to do

  18. i have liked dis girl 4 yrs but shes older den me, wen my ex left me/i left my ex(dont kno wat happened) i asked her out, after telling me 2 wait a while…being younge & everything, she textes me saying she going out with an older guy who is shorter den me and i look just as old. i reeaally love dis girl. now shes telling me to go out with another girl, my age, d bad thing is, i actually like d other girl and if d 1st girl leaves her bf, i wont b able 2 just leave d 2nd girl!!! And i havnt seen d 2nd girl in 3 yars!!!…but wen i foned, she had some exitment in her voice. WAT AM I GONNA DOOOOOOOO????????????????

  19. you should probably go with the 2nd girl because the first might be leading you on then saying she doesnt want to be with you at all.

    my bf cheated on my a few days ago even tho he promised he wudnt and he said he couldnt do that to me and he said he couldnt go thru with that but he still did after he promised me he doesnt have feelings for his ex but he still did it. we planned to marry and have kids but i dont know if he loves her more but knows there relationship could never work because of how bad it was so he could be with me because im the second best choice. we have been together for 10 months so why should he do it now? im broken

  20. i believe that God has a plan for everything and for everyone….if we suffer it is because we are loosing track of what is important in this life..(( to praze God and everything he is )) just remimber to think of all the blessings you have recieved while others have suffered. i speak lighty only in the fact that my gf for five years just decided that i wasnt what she was looking for, after the fact that i gave up everything for her, time, money, and a chunk of my religion. i hated God for what he had done to me, i though it was a joke on my part, that i ever did anything for him. six months went by and i grew cold and distant. i dint have any friends and both my parents died when i was four. Only recently i have learned that all things in life must ballence, i hurt because i have been blessed.

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  22. The one that has always been there for me, I have hurt more than I ever thought. For the last 5 years I’ve been coming back and fourth to her, knowing that once I leave and have another girlfriend and then dump her I can just come back to my one true love, Meg. About 2 years into our relationship we had a beautiful son. I was so lucky to have him and her in my life. But I was selfish, I kept doing what I was so use to doing with her. I never once thought how this was effecting her or my son. When I wasn’t with her and I had another girlfriend, I never told her. I always told her that I was single and I just needed time to think about what was going on. So this way I was able to just go vist her and my son on the weekend and have the joys of sleeping with her and seeing my son at the same time. I kept doing this over and over again. The last time I got to do this I moved to Reno, NV because of my job, but this time she did know about my girlfriend. I moved my current girlfriend at the time and her family, (mother, sister, sister daughter, and the girlfriend.) down to reno with me. I stayed in reno for 6 months, I finally realized I couldn’t keep just getting in the car and driving to see meg and my son for the weekend thrill. So I had alot of time thinking about what I have done and how I hurt the only one in my life that ever cared about me and loved me more than anything in this world and my precious son that looked up to me as a male role model. After being in reno for a month or two I couldn’t keep hurting the current girlfriend I was with so I explained my situation and apologized for the pain I have put her through. Even though I couldn’t stop thinking about meg and my son ever since I made the choice of moving down to reno, I had more time to think about what went wrong in the best relationship of my life. The arguements I started because I wanted to get in another girls pants and I don’t have the heart to cheat, so I thought that was the only way to get out of the relationship. I then realized that she was never the problem, it was me. Meg always tryed to make us work, she was always willing to do anything to make us work. And what did I do I just shot her down. I was never trying to do anything to make the relationship work, I was selfish, greedy, and self centered. I finally had enough, I knew what I had to do to change. I couldn’t stop think about her and what she has done for me. All I wanted from that point on was her back in my arms. So 6 months later, I decided to move back home to the city she lived. When I arrived, I found out that she had someone else in her life. I never felt the pain I did that day in my life. I knew where she lived, so I decided to give her a visit. Of course she wasn’t at home. So I went to my parents house and surprised them with my return home and asked them to call her over so they could see there grandson. I told them not to say anything about my return I wanted to surprise her. When she arrived, the face expression I saw wasn’t a face of happiness it looked like a face of “why are you back”. We started to talk and she told me everything about her new boyfriend. But at the sametime she told me that she still loved me more than anything else in the world. So I asked her if I had a chance to prove to her that I had changed and get back with her. I told her that I never realized what an ass hole I was to her and that I was so sorry, that I meant that from the bottom of my heart. She looked at me that she would have to see it to believe it. I can’t blame her for that. Three weeks I have been back and I have been doing everything to prove myself to her. And even though we have been kissing, hugging, and saying we love each other. She is still with her boyfriend and that she still doesn’t know about us. There is not a night that I regret what I have done. I wish I could just go back in time and change it and make everything right. Today I don’t think I have one solid piece of heart left. I truly understand what she went through. I’m feeling every piece of pain I deserve. I wish I could just hold her in my arms, hold her when we lay in bed, and be a family again. I love her so much and I am so disappointed in myself that it took this long to realize it. God I’m so sorry that I have hurt one of your greatest children. Please forgive me. I hope if anyone has seen my change, I hope you have and meg if some how you read this Im sorry for everything I have done to you and my son. If you are happy with your new boyfriend, then I wish you the best of luck. I LOVE YOU MEG, no matter what the circumstances are. You and my son will always be the reason that I keep going and you and my son are the only ones that I will ever love in my life.

  23. British- Your testimony is so heartfelt and I feel and understand it because I’ve undergone similiar situation. Loving someone and never being able to open up and express, to become emotionally connected with someone. I lost the love of my life and her daughter. I want that feeling of being a family back again and it will never be again..So many lies.. so much fraud..Only difference is we were married, and why she married me and felt empty and nothing for me I do not know..Perhaps she felt like she was the one thing keep me sane and she was..I lost it and everything when she left, I made her my purpose in life, but I had already done the damage long before..maybe she went with her heart and not her rational judgement and married me. I don’t know, I wonder every day…

  24. Hi. I too have been confused over the loss of a loved one. the confusion and suffering, the pain and agony is almost beyond what i can bear in this fallen world. I know though, that we cannot tackle the pain in our heart. sometimes i dont even know what the pain is and how to describe it but I know this… God is the Creator of all things. Including the human heart and soul. The Bible (every word in it is From Gods own Heart) says that the Lord knows the hearts of man, that God searches every heart and understands all the imaginations of there thoughts. even though i cant understand the thoughts and feelings i feel, God does. Jesus, Gods own Son was rejected and despised. He was denied and left by His own friends just like we somtimes are. When i want healing in my heart, I go to Jesus for He gives true rest. matthew 11:28 ‘come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’. Again He invites us to give our problems to him….. 1peter 5:7 ‘casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you’. all we need to do is give our problems to Jesus and trust in Him. Broken hearts can be healed but only through Jesus.

  25. i dont see a broken heart being healed so easily. i was engaged and he walked right out on me on our wedding day with one of my brides maids. i dont know why this happened but it hurt so bad and its been 3mnths since then and it still feels like it was yesterday. my best friend jason trys to help me but all efforts fail. i just dont know what to do since i lost him like that. it doesnt feel right, ya know??

  26. A broken heart cant be healed or maybe it can, but only the person we love can, but we know he or she will break it again and again. Maybe some people say that it can be healed but it really cant because every person we love but truly love leave a big cut that we cant heal and it can be cured I have a broken heart too and it is not nice to have one and in this cases I think of how many people I have hurted and I am really sorry because of that, but that is how life is sometimes we are on the top and sometimes we are on the very bottom, so… what is life without a little of pain???

  27. i hate men they take your heart and breake it they don’t even care what they do any one ever had that donr to them

  28. Broken hearts- you ain’t never been in pain til your hearts been broken. ive been there and done that, i don;t know how i got myself back together again, but due to that heartbreak, i don’t trust men so easily. And its only down to God that my heart was able to trust the man in my life right now. He might still be a friend but the love i hold for him will be never ending. We might have our ups and downs but the connection we have, the circumstances we found each other in, he is my rock and all i can do is try to be his, cos he has been through heartbreak as well, worse than some.
    At the end of the day, all you can do is try and have faith that fate will direct you towards the one who will truly love you. And if your lucky to find them, be grateful for them.
    A heart never really heals – the scar of the pain remains but its there as a reminder that the pain you went through, and how you survived it. That will make you stronger!

  29. omg soo sad. while reading this i was listening to the titanic song: “My heart will go on.” and omg im like crying cuz of this guy. in my opinion hearts can never heal and they leave scars and omg if i cud write a song about being broken hearted then i wud!

    yah my heart was broken today and ive been depressed lately so i went on google and searched for heart pics and i found ur website. nice pic. painful

  30. I don’t think it’s possible to mend a broken heart……I’ve been there with all of you, I prayed, asked, begged, cried out to God for this man. I believe in God but I feel like the lost sparrow– he’s is too busy to hear my cry. I always knew that I would meet my other half, I just neverthought it would be a contractor in Reno. He is the finest man I have ever known. He’s smart, handsom. sexy, great dry sense of humor. Killer smile. I alwyas belived, (stupid, stupid, stupid) that when I found my soul mate that everything else would take a back seat. No, I didn’t think we’d be a Disney movie where across the room our eye’s would meet and the rest of the world would disappear and we’d live happily forever. But, honestly, I did think the fact that I wasn’t a 20 something blonde barbie look a like, or a tall willowy brunette, or anything else would get in the way.
    Thank you for letting me add my broken heart to the site. May you all find love.

  31. i’ve had my heart ripped out several times. the last time was the worst. we weren’t going out long but i was so attached to her that it’s been a while and i’m still hurting everytime i think of how we were.

  32. I dont know if a broken heart ever heals but i hope it does because my heart has been broken and it hurts. boys are evil. boys and hearts are like chiefs and eggs. they break ‘um like its nothing.

  33. For almost 4 months and still not moving on coz i love her so much. I’d feel much angry with her then. I always cried everytime, i missed her and esp when i’m alone. But these moment when i read lot’s of article about heart breaking my mind get realized the positive side when we are together on how much we spent love together. She left me bcoz she found a man and i thought, she cheated on me. Lot’s of doubt of the relationship, it’s not good. But when the acceptance i’d feel it, my heart would be feel better. Hope my heart could find a better one again but don’t want hurting tho. Thanks!

  34. Dude… I love this pic. It means everything about me!!! I wanna get that as my second tattoo!!!!!!! I love it! Its so WICKED AWESOME

  35. I believe if u leave ur heart open someone will take it to break. I’m almost 20yrs old and I have had my
    Heart broken once. He treats me good makes
    me laugh holds me close and loves me.
    I moved to be with
    him. And once I got there I started to
    Drink. I drank every
    night to get drunk not alone I drank with my friends, mostly guys. I would get stupid drunk and never remembered how I got home. He worked on the oil rigs about 2 hours away so the nights he was gone so was I. Finally aftEr a month of my drinking binge he showed up at my work. I went around the back hoping to get a quick kiss. He just starred at me. Tears welled up in his ocean blue eyes and he handed me the ring I bought him. I begged him not to do it not there not at that time. He said he couldnt do it any other way he placed the ring down and walked away. I couldnt do it. I couldnt cry I couldnt smile I just stood in shock. I never thought in the time we spent together that I would ever lose this man. I went home and cried. For once in my life my heart was finally broken. I had always wondered what it felt like. I had many many boyfriends but not one did I care about. My heart was cold no one could break me, my wall, or my heart. Except him I’m not sure how he did it or what he did differently but I knew I couldnt lose him. He took me back and I quit drinking. If he would have never left me that day I would have never left the alcohol. We are about to have a baby in 6 months. We live together and have plans to get married. I thank god for giving me the chance to show someone that I can be real that I do have a real heart. I thank god for giving him to me and letting me feel love.

  36. I find that when i try to become happy i get even sader that i was before. I lost my best friend and a lover all in the same day..there is no god because if there was i would be happy not sad now.

  37. It was seeing another in the state of a broken heart that led me to Luke 4:18 to try to understand how Jesus heals broken hearts and perhaps how I could help. In His Word and by His Spirit I realize that because Jesus came…that is the ANSWER…HE IS THE ANSWER. If He had not come there would be no healing and no hope. I realize that BELIEVING GOD IS IN CONTROL is the ANSWER. You will never know peace or joy or rest unless you KNOW and TRUST Him no matter what the situation. If you can’t trust in anything else, TRUST HIS LOVE FOR YOU “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever BELIEVETH in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” “With God ALL THINGS are possible.”

  38. Thank you for your article it really helps. I once was a strong christian that trusted God but the older I got the more rebellious I became. I got in a relationship and he cut me very deep. I cry throughout the day I feel angry constantly. I even hate all men because of what he has done to me. This will be the third week since I broke up with him and it hurts emotionally and physically. I keep asking God to help me forgive him and her but I am still angry with both of them I would love to truly forgive both of them.

  39. this is a very honest answer, no a broken heart can never be healed. not even if u love again. because when you look at the one who broke your heart all you want to do is break down and cry your eyes out. you wish he loved you and never let you go. its hard to see the one you love/loved, love someone else. i still get tears in my eyes when i see them hold hands or kiss its painful and i want too kill my self but i cant he was a jerk and a bastered but thats what guys do they never learn and when they get there hearts broken they will feel the same pain as we once did. and we will always think about them every minute of are lives. 😦

    • Only God can heal a broken heart,if we let him work on us.
      Committing suicide will never take nobody any where else,we have to keep our hearts complete to be able to love someone,and have to learn how to let go these people that hurted us,is difficult but with God’s help we can go through all that.
      No guy is worth our tears,but what it’s true is that as women we deserved a guy who treats us as ladies as we are.Respect us,and really care about us,not just another atraction,but real love.

  40. i think it can be done,i had a broken heart from whom who is my love for 6 years.but but now i have such a good frnda that they alwaz kept bzy in them n i have not time for rember its 3 years she doesn`t come in my mind for 1sec.

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