Fight For Your City!

Have we forgotten how to fight?

What images does the word “FIGHT” stir up in your mind?  Is it a lawsuit? Is it yelling and screaming? Is it a full scale war? Is it a UFC match? For me the first thing that comes to mind is a UFC title match. I love to watch this sport. There aren’t a lot of sports where you see the athlete give everything they have. In the majority of the fights everything is left out in the cage. If you don’t bring your all, your going to get hurt and hurt bad.

Then today I came across this in the bible. “Be courageous! Let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. May the Lord’s will be done. (2 Samuel 10:12) This was spoken by Joab to his brother as they were going out to war against a mighty army. A mighty army that wanted to defeat them. Joab and his brother committed all to God for the PEOPLE. Not for themselves, not because it was what they are supposed to do, not because they are told to. They did it FOR THE PEOPLE.

It made me think about the people in my city. Am I fighting for them? What is my definition of fighting when it pertains to them? Is it giving all I have to try and show the people God’s love? Is it doing it only when it’s convenient? Am I being courageous? Am I fighting bravely? Or am I just being a cheer leader. When things are going good and it’s an easy fight, is that when I jump in? Unfortunately I have to answer yes most of the time. I think if we are honest with ourselves most of us will say we are cheer leaders.

It’s time for us to take a stand, be courageous and FIGHT for the PEOPLE in our city. Not just when it’s convenient or when it’s not messy but when it is filthy and inconvenient. Can you imagine the difference in our cities if people started fighting for each other?


Help the Street Kids

I know that November was Homeless Youth Awarness month but you can still help the kids who are on the street.

I have had an opportunity to meet a few of our street kids in Denver. In a lot of cases they are there from a broken heart. Either being abused or just not loved or wanted.

I met a guy that I will call steel, he is one of the most intellectual guys I know. His story is one of abuse that left him on the run. His heart is good but he doesn’t trust any adult.

I met a girl who has leukemia. I don’t know her story but can you imagine going through that crisis in your life without your family. Well she has a family, it’s the other kids on the street. In a lot of cases they are closer and more willing to help then our own families.

Please click on the link above and help our street kids. It can be something as easy as a phone text to give a piece of clothing or give them your used cell phone.

If you want to help on a personal level contact one of the following groups:

Drybones Denver


How rich are you?

I have never felt rich. I seem to struggle to make it through to my next paycheck. At times I have even said that I am poor. But after being told about this website , I think a lot different. In fact here is my statistics:

Your Rich List Position: 57,864,434 Richest person in the world.

You’re in the top .96% richest people in the world.

Wow that hit me hard. Here I gripe about not having enough money and I am in the worlds top 1% richest people. Boy have we gotten things screwed up. It is challenging me to start giving where I can. We have so much. Just think about all the extra clothes we have in our closet that we never wear. Or all the stuff we have stored away that we never use. Or all the money we spend on Starbucks. Or all the time we spend in front of the TV. If we all just gave a little wouldn’t make a huge difference.

I listened to a sermon about it here it is titled My heartbeat.
Here are some links to places I am passionate about:

SOZO International – Aschiana School for Street Children in Kabul Afghanistan.

Akha Children’s Home – A ministry to help kids in Tia Land.

Dry Bones Denver – A ministry to help street kids in Downtown Denver.